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Skitch v3.1.0 for iOS is released with improvements, new features including new resharing process, new stamp types, new annotation options, and bug fixes to crush the problems expereinced in the previous version by its users.

Show how you feel instead of writing about it. Snap it, mark it, and send it on. Capture a photo and make a friend laugh with you or inspire a student by labeling the insides of a robot. Impress your boss with a snap of the white board with her comments right after the meeting finishes.

Sure the colors and text are a bit loud, but that’s to make your point stand out, not get lost in the background.
Take a perception and flip it – by changing opinions, you can change what happens!
Skitch can be used for a lot more, and we’re sure you’ll find even more ways:

Circle the misspelled word on your company’s sales PDF.

Take a screen snap and point out the System Preferences button with a stamp for your customers.

Label mammoths, molecules or maps of the Roman Empire with highlights and text to teach your students.

Use an arrow and straight lines to show your developer when the font is misaligned.

Take a photo, note the price and draw attention to that cool faucet that’ll be perfect in your bathroom renovation.

Pick a friend out of the crowd, pixelate their face and share on Twitter, Facebook, SMS, and more.

An Evernote account is only required if you want to save to Evernote or markup a PDF. The same is true for Facebook or Twitter, you will need accounts with those services, otherwise all other functions are free and dependent upon your device and access provider.

New Features

  • Added a new screen after sharing to make it clear the share completed and make it easier to reshare.
  • New stamp types! We created fun stamps that can be used to express emotion in both your casual and serious Skitch images.
  • Now you can choose between arrow, rounded rectangle, or nothing as the default annotation when taking a picture. Toggle between the options right from the camera.

Skitch is compatible with iOS 7+ for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and you can download Skitch app for iOS for free from iTunes Store.

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