A series of bugs in is discovered in latest mobile OSes past week and one of those is web-based iOS exploit which made the Comex et. al. task easy to bring iOS 4 jailbreak as they have launched JailbreakMe 2.0 a web based jailbreak solution few days ago.

The security firms say, the iOS bug allows hackers to attack over idevices including iPhone, iPod and iPad and they may steal users data by enslaving devices remotely.

Apple’s spokeswoman Natalie Harrison said on the issue that the company was aware of the report.

“We’re investigating.”

It manes Apple is working now to bring some solution to fill the security hole of iOS. Until than as precautionary measures, users should avoid clicking on unknown or insecure web links or messages to keep their devices safe from hackers attacks.

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    Apple Already Developed Safari Browser Security Fix | Apple | RizwanAshraf.com Says:

    […] we wrote that security firms are reporting about iOS security flaw which allows hackers to enslave the iDevices including iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad remotely and […]

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