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HTC and Samsung both smartphone manufacturers also rejected the Apple’s claim which says that all smartphone devices from all manufacturers have the same antenna issues like iPhone 4.

According to WSJ report HTC chief financial officer Hui-Meng Cheng said:

“The reception problems are certainly not common among smartphones. Apple apparently didn’t give operators enough time to test the phone.”

Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs said at iPhone 4 antenna conference on Friday, 16 2010 that all smartphones have the antenna issues and he presented the video demos of antenna test on RIM, HTC, Samsung, and Nokia smartphones to prove that iPhone 4 is not alone in the line with having antenna problems.

Nokia and RIM already has rebuked whereas HTC and Samsung disputing on apple’s antenna claims today.

As iPhone 4 was launched on 24 June 2010 but right after the launch a bulk amount of iPhone 4 users reported iPhone 4 antenna problems. Afterwards analysts and technological experts performed iPhone 4 antenna tests and proved that the iPhone 4 antenna problem is at worst level as compare to other smartphones and even Consumer Reports said “we will not recommend iPhone 4”. Meantime different law firms filed lawsuits against Apple not only on iPhone 4 antenna issues but also on Apple’s ignorant behavior on issue.

Anyhow, the conclusion is, at last Steve accepts that iPhone 4 has antenna issues and company is also offering free bumpers with iPhone 4 to avoid the antenna problems.

On this point RIM’s statement is quite accurate where they said “RIM’s customers don’t need to use a case for their BlackBerry to maintain proper connectivity.” which proves that iPhone 4’s antenna problem is much severe and is not comparable.

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