All of readers are very well informed regarding iPhone 4 antenna problem which was pointed out right after the launch of device and then continuously users experienced the same problem and posted their comments and video demonstrations to recreate the iPhone 4 antenna problem.

Now this time Consumer Reports engineers performed iPhone 4 antenna test which confirms that the device is really having the severe reception problem.

Consumer Reports applied the same antenna test on other mobile phones as well including previous iPhones and they clearly said in the results that iPhone 4 is worst in antenna or signal dropping and due to that problem they said, “we can’t recommend the iPhone 4.”

Although, a lot of tests have been applied by different technologists, analysts and normal users on iPhone 4 and they all found more or less the same reception issue with iPhone 4 and consumers also reported the issue over Apple discussion forum but Apple never spoke a single word on the iPhone 4 problem and instead of excepting the faulty device Apple’s CEO tells the specific manners to hold iPhone 4 to avoid the signal problem which seems really a joke and later on Nokia provide a list of manners How do you hold your Nokia? just to make fun of Apple’s CEO statements.

Several firms also has filed lawsuits against Apple on iPhone 4 issue within this short period of iPhone 4 launch.

Right now the most strange or probably the worst step taken by Apple is that company has deleted the iPhone 4 thread after the consumer reports response on iPhone 4 antenna problem from its online discussion forum.

According to several web resources that iPhone 4 thread was not only deleted just once within a single day as users created the iPhone 4 thread 5-6 times after each deletion done by company.

Apple’s this attitude on the matter draws more attention towards iPhone 4 problems instead of stopping it to be more viral.

So, write us your comments what do you think on Apple’s strategy behind to remove some specific discussion thread from forum in this way?

You may watch the following iPhone 4 antenna testing video by Consumer Reports.

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