This is a collection of Wings Photoshop brushes sets, which includes different kinds of brushes of peacock, moth, bat, butterfly, dragon wings etc. All of these wings brushes are free for download but still this is recommended to read out the developers terms and conditions before use.

You can also check some other free Photoshop brushes as: Leaf, Tree & Grass Brushes and Floral Brushes.

Fairy Wings

These are 30 brushes.

Dark Vampire

This pack has bat wings, demon wings, and dark wings brushes.

Autumn Butterfly

These are 8 butterfly wings.

Jorsart2006 Wing

Nice wing.


This pack contains 5 pairs of wings.

Creature Wings

Its 8 wings brushes pack.

Ruby Proudfoot Wing Brush

This pack contains 5 different types of wings.

Angel Wings

This is 1 pair of wings brushes.


This pack contains 38 brushes.


This pack contains just 1 set of dragon wings brush.


Real butterfly wings.

Winged by Lyastricity

Very nice wings brush.

Dead Butterfly

This set has 20 butterfly brushes.

Butterfly and Dragonfly Wings

This pack contains dragonfly, butterflies, moths and bat wings brushes.

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  1. Can anyone tell me how can i use this brushes in Photoshop

  2. good


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