Windows Phone 7 Series phone has been announced by Microsoft at MWC 2010 and the first Windows Phone 7 is just show off at Engadget event which is manufactured by LG.

We wrote before about the HTC HD2 smart phone that it fulfills the highly anticipated Windows Mobile 7 hardware requirements but here comes a bad news for its owners as Natasha Kwan, General Manager for Microsoft’s Mobile Communications Business in the Asia-Pacific region, told APC: “HD2 doesn’t qualify because it doesn’t have the three buttons, one of which needs to be a dedicated search key with the HD2 lacks.”

Further she said Windows Phone 7 Series have very specific requirements and the current line of Windows Mobile 6 is not capable to switch over new Windows Mobile OS.

Now, it become clear that if you want to experience Windows Phone 7 Series then you have to buy a new compatible hardware device otherwise wait for any other solution by developers.

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    Windows Phone 7 Series ROM Ported on HTC HD2 | Microsoft | Says:

    […] to Microsoft HTC HD2 is not capable for Windows Phone 7 Series and after this announcement HTC HD2 users became little disappointed but you people do not need to […]

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