Microsoft has placed a range of free templates for Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 users on Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 web page. These templates are beautiful and facilitates to create attractive, eye-catching and stunning PowerPoint presentation slides.

So, scroll down and read a little description of free PowerPoint 2007 templates and for download and know further details of specific one of your choice, click on the images followed by.

Free 3-D shapes and objects template for PowerPoint 2007

This template allows to include shapes, animations, and graphics effects to the presentation slides and you can also include 3-D background designs, visual aids, books with moving pages, and animated scale to presentation.

Free animated organizational charts with SmartArt graphics for PowerPoint 2007 presentations

You may use this template template to includes animation, SmartArt graphics, colorful organizational charts, dynamic process maps, topical lists, and elegant hierarchies in your slides.

Free animated picture effects template for PowerPoint 2007

This template is designed to create slide shows, by adding image, animation, and graphic effect for slides. It also includes sparkling picture frames, photograph albums, 3-D rotating photos, and transitions between images.

Free animated text effects template for PowerPoint 2007

This is a template allows to add custom animation, formatting, and 3-D effects to the text of presentation.

Free background templates for PowerPoint 2007

This is a template allows to use any picture, photo, shape or graphic effect as backgrounds to presentation slides.

Free picture and text effects template for PowerPoint 2007

This template design allows to add picture, text, animation, or graphic effects to slides.

Free picture effects template for PowerPoint 2007

In this template you can use 3-D, tinting, and graphic effects to create photo albums, picture slide shows, photograph transitions, and picture frames for your presentations.

Free text effects template for PowerPoint 2007

This template allows to add effects, formatting styles, and animated effects to the text of your presentations slides.


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  4. And there are free templates for PowerPoint 2010 too! And templates for other Office applications such as Word, Excel, and more, go here to view and download them:

    Have fun!

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    good free download I accept , thank you.

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