Windows 7 users may get damage with their SD cards while they attach those with Windows 7 operating system because SD card drivers have some vulnerability issues. Now Microsoft has released the hot fix to resolve the SD card reader problems for new Windows OS.

When you enable Advanced Direct Memory Access (ADMA) in Windows 7 it is risky that you may lose your data from SD card or it may get any other serious damage. So, before using SD cards with Windows 7 this is recommended to install new fixes.

Download Windows 7 32 bit Update ADMA Patch

Download Windows 7 64 bit Update ADMA Patch

3 Responses to “Download Windows 7 SD Card Reader Hotfix”


  2. i have lost that reader

  3. william houstonpak
    August 21st, 2012 at 12:08 am

    why are u still showing a version of windows genuine activation that when I download and install I am told i cannot download win7 usb card reader fix


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