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As recently Apple has released iPhone OS 3.1 on Rock and Roll event. So, the most frequent question which is asked by jailbroken iPhone owners is that either the upgrade to new iPhone OS for jailbroken devices is safe or not? The iPhone Dev Team already answer this question that the users with jailbroken or unlocked iPhones should not upgrade their devices to OS 3.1.

On the other hand Apple also released new version of iTunes, iTunes 9. So, MuscleNerd from iPhone Dev Team said on this issue that

“It’s safe to update iTunes if already jb/unlocked. Just don’t update iPhone firmware too!”

This is the recommendation of iPhone Dev Team to users of jailbroken and unlocked iPhones that they should wait for the new releases of jailbreak tools until then they’ve to stay with their old iPhone OS.

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  1. thanks to iPhone Dev Team

  2. Hi…. i have iPhone 3G version 3.1.2 (7D11). I got it jailbreak using blackra1n. But now i am not able to transfer music or apps from iTunes to my iPhone. when i connect it to iTunes it shows syncing and sync contacts, mail accounts but not music or apps. Please help!!!


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  2. Jailbroken/Unlocked iPhones Get Upgrade to iTunes 9

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