Icons, these little graphical objects attract users and speaks exactly for what they are placed on that spot. Designers uses icons on their web pages, or blogs to make the user communication and interaction more specific and easy.

Hundreds of free icons are available on internet and we select some of those and align here for you. So, download and use these on your web pages or blogs.

You can also check our other icon collections:

Onebit Icon Set

Set of 50 icons which are available in .PNG format with 48 x 48 pixel of size.


Free Web Development Icons4 SE

Icojoy team’s new 24 x 24 free icon set in web 2.0 style.


SEM Labs Web Blog Icon Pack

These icons are for use on the front and back-end of the site and available in 48 x 48 pixel size, and free for use under the Creative Commons licence.


User Interface Icons

Package contains 140 icons, available in .PNG format and four different sizes of 24 x 24, 32 x 32, 48 x 48 and 80 x 80 pixels.



Set of 470 icons.



This is a set of 131 icons, most of these are designed in green color which looks nice and bright.


Open Phone Pack

This pack contains 12 high quality, 256 x 256 pixels icons, available in .PNG and .ICO formats.



Set of 40 greyscale icons which each fit into a 34 x 34 pixel area.


Mini Pixel Icons

320 icons available for general web design such as: blog themes, forums, eCommerce sites, and CMS application. Available in 14 x 14 pixel size with transparent background, which is suitable for footer or sidebar navigation buttons.



This package contains icons for basic purpose.


Aeon Icon Pack

150 high quality, 256 x 256 pixels icons, with .PNG and .ICO formats. This package includes: Apps Icons, Disks & Drives Icons, Extras Icons, Folder Icons, File Types Icons, Misc Icons, Signs & Actions Icons, System Icons etc…


Aire Icon Pack

Aire Icon Pack contains 80 high quality, 256 x 256 pixels icons of .PNG and .ICO formats.


Onebit Free Icon Set2

Package includes 30 icons.


Paul Armstrong Icons

A free set of over 250 18 x 18 pixel icons.


Blogging Icons Set2

These are 12 shiny and modern icons, comes with 3 sizes, 24 x 24, 36 x 36 and 48 x 48 in .PNG format.


Grzankas Iconbest Nr1

Made in Adobe Photoshop using vector masks, fully resizeable and available in 128 × 128 pixels, .PNG format.


Turqua 3d Isometric Vector Icons

30 icons available in .SVG format.


Blog Perfume

17 icons of 32 x 32, 64 x 64 and 128 x 128 pixel size in .ICO format.


Web Injection

26 stylish icons available in .PNG at 48 x 48 pixel size.


Project Icon Set

18 beautiful icons related to project management, available in transparent PNGs, and vector Fireworks source files.


CS3 Icons Pack

Package includes 9 icons of 256 x 256 pixel size in .PNG format.


Komodo Media Icons

Package contains 80 gorgeous and amazing icons in which 40 are of 16 x 16 pixel of size, whereas remaining 40 are of 32 x 32 pixel size.


Old School Icons

Pack contains 82 high quality, 256 x 256 pixels icons available in .PNG and .ICO formats.


Glossy Browser Icons

9 icons available in size of 256 x 256 pixel in .ICO and .PNG format.


Web Application Icons Set

Package contains 20, 3D effect and glossy style icons of .PNG format available in 24 x 24, 32 x 32 and 48 x 48 pixel of size.


Circular Icons

These are more than 100 icons of 16 x 16 sized.


Developpers Icons

105 icons available in different formats as .PNG, .ICO, .ICNS, .ICONTAINER.


Dropline Nuovo

A sober designed icon set, but is just as friendly as any of the other icon sets.


Coquette Part 2

This package contains 50 high quality, free icons in these sizes: 16 x 16, 32 x 32, 48 x 48, 64 x 64 and 128 x 128 and 32-bit transparency PNG file format.


iCandy Junior Toolbar

Package includes more than 70 icons.



These are 50 icons of .PNG format available in different sizes as 16 x 16, 32 x 32, 48 x 48, 64 x 64 and 128 x 128.


Transmission Icons

Application & file type icons for Transmission (OS X BitTorrent software), package includes 8 icons.


Fugue Icons

2,225 icons of .PNG format and 16 x 16 pixel of size.



This is a set of 60 semi-transparent .PNG icons of 16 x 16 pixel in size.


104 Standard PC Keyboard Key Icons

These icons are useful for video training projects.



Includes 2 sets of cute and clear icons to use in your nifty web application.



Free for personal use, and can be modified.


Bullet Madness

Its a list of 200 free bullets, arrows and icons.


Dock and Desktop Software Icons

Package contains 50 software icons In .PNG and .ICO format.



Set of 26 free icons.


Galatica Icon Pack

Pack contains 9 high quality, 256 x 256 pixels icons and available in .PNG and .ICO formats.



161 icons of 16 x 16 pixel size.


Email Me

Package includes 11 icons of 128 x 128 pixel.


Function Icons

This package contains 128 icons, these are available in 48 x 48 pixel size.


WP WooThemes Ultimate Icon Set

Download 79 free icons sized at 256 x 256 and available in .PNG and .GIF format.



These are 247 icons of .GIF and .PNG formats.



This 148 icon set contains all crisp-shaped icons which could be used for web applications, multimedia and software.


Basic Set

42 high quality icons for web application, software or GUI designs, available in 16 x 16, 32 x 32, 48 x 48 and 64 x 64 pixel of size.




Set contains 30 icons of .PNG and .ICO format.


More stuff:

All above includes the following icons digg, technoroti, redit, blogger, youtube, google, yahoo, buzz, twitter, flicker, myspace, facebook, home, search, find, rss, key, login, world flags, database, save, floppy, edit, delete, arrow, password, music, email, refresh, comments, calendar, user, admin, folder, graph, favorite, block, reply, cart, cut, copy, paste, zoom in, zoom out, bucket, paint, pencil, safari, msn, internet, control panel, cd, hard disk, tag, magic wand, gear, dos, ssh, shell, globe, hand, monitor, calculator, clock, battery, article, page, camera, movie, star, faq, mic, injection, disc, pin, todo, sitemap, flowchart, notes, marker, mobile, box, history, bag, shield, bookmark, diary, heart, info, print, printer,world flags icons, mozila, firefox, ie, internet explorer, opera, netscape, maxthon, chrome,  and much more…

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