Microsoft tried out to develop its New Zune HD as a competitive device of two years old Apple iPod Touch but again the device lacks games, and apps. New Zune HD just works as a Media player and browser.

So, Microsoft adapts a very smart strategy to bring apps towards New Zune HD by contacting iPhone app developers. According to Daring Fireball:

“I got an email from the developer of an iPhone Twitter client. He was contacted by Microsoft a few months ago, with an offer to port his app to the Zune in exchange for “a bucket of money”. He turned them down, but assumes, as I do, that Microsoft reached out to the developers of multiple popular iPhone apps.”

This provided text tells us the story clearly that if Microsoft can offer “a bucket of money” to one iPhone app developer than obviously it is continuously trying to approach other developers as well. But there is no other clue is available yet that how many iPhone app developers have been contacted and how many have accepted or rejected this “‘ a bucket of money” Microsoft’s offer.


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