Some time it happens that your Word or Excel files became corrupted. Microsoft Word or Excel could not open those damaged files and it became very hard to recover data from Word or Excel files. So, what to do now to access the contents of corrupted or damaged word or Excel files?

There are a lot of tools available, you can buy to recover your data from Word or Excel files but how it seems if you find any free tool to do that? S2 Services provides portable freeware to recover your corrupted Word and Excel files.
The description of both freeware are below:

Damaged docx2txt

It works to recover data for Word 2007 damaged or corrupted files, if Word 2007 is not able to read those. Just follow the instructions to recover data from damaged Word file.

  • Run Damaged docx2txt
  • Open damaged Word 2007 file
  • It’ll show the recovered text in window
  • Now File > Save on your computer & that’s it


It saves recovered files in plain text format with .txt format.

Corrupt xlsx2csv

It recovers your damaged or corrupted files of Microsoft Excel 2007. It has graphical user interface, which makes its use easy.

  • Run Corrupt xlsx2csv
  • In step 1 Open your damaged Excel 2007 file
  • It’ll extract the rows, columns or tables and display in its window
  • In Step 2 Save recovered file as .CSV file


These freeware work with .NET framework 2.0, Windows 2000-Vista and support only Microsoft Office Word 2007 and Excel 2007 not to any other version. So, download these and use in free.

Recover corrupted Word Files (.docx) Download Damaged docx2txt
Recover corrupted Excel Files (.xslx) Download Corrupt xlsx2csv

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