Some times you receive a Word document from your friend which contains a lot of hyperlinks or if you copy some text from any web page and paste it in to a Word document file then it also copies all hyperlinks. So, the question is: How to remove those hyperlinks from Word document?

Here we write three different ways to remove hyperlinks from Word document and it depends that how much hyperlinks are embedded in your Word Doc. So, pick the method to remove hyperlinks from your Word Document file according to your need:

  1. Right Click on each hyperlink in Word file and select Remove Hyperlink option from menu.
  2. Select whole text from Word file with Ctrl+A, which contains hyperlinks and paste it in Notepad, it automatically converts all contents in plain text, now copy this plain text and paste back in the Word Document file
  3. Select whole Word file text with Ctrl+A and then press Ctrl+Shift+F9, it removes all hyperlinks at once.

So, choice is yours now.

8 Responses to “Remove Hyperlinks from Word Document File”

  1. Allah razi olsun

  2. This great short way to remove all links from word file at once

  3. I tried the method #3 but it didn’t work. I was hoping it would but all it did, is remove the highlighting but he hyperlink was still there. would have made my life alot easier if it had worked.

  4. @ Mary Russell

    Its working, removing all hyperlinks from file but remains the links formatting.
    Suppose if the links formatting was blue color and underline this will not change the color and underline to normal but removes the hyperlink.
    You can check this after applying method#3 take cursor over text that was link and it will not say Ctrl+Click to follow this.

  5. Method#3 works for me, though. Thanks!

  6. For a Mac, you need to highlight the text, then press Command+6

  7. Shamshair Ali Shahpak
    August 13th, 2012 at 9:30 am

    option # 3 is most suitable. Thaaaaaaaaaaanks Bro.

  8. @Samantha

    Thanks it works perfectly.


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