If you have more than 1 Gmail accounts and feel irritated to check emails from all of them one by one. Then Gmail Notifier provides solution to this problem. It is a free utility, which integrates up to 5 Gmail accounts and resides in system tray, and whenever you got any new email in any of your Gmail account, it sends sound alert for notification.
You can configure multiple Gmail accounts with Gmail Notifier, it can handle all of those and shows unread message counts of all your Gmail accounts separately. Gmail Notifier runs on start up, do auto version update, support for UTF-8 emails and 100% secure. It keeps track of your email messages through IMAP option of your Gmail account.

So, follow these steps to use Gmail Notifier:

Sign in to your Gmail account
Settings > Forwarding and POP/IMAP >IMAP Access, click on Enable IMAP


Download & install Gmail Notifier
Right click on its icon, which will reside in system tray, and click Add
Enter your Gmail address & Password and press Ok.


So, in this way you can Add or Remove your different Gmail accounts & it displays number of unread emails in front of each address


You can read email headers, delete or mark read your emails easily


It is helpful tool, which save your time to login again and again to check emails, especially when you have more than one Gmail account.

Download Gmail Notifier & Enjoy!

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