Normally if you want to increase the signal strength of your Wireless router you need a wireless extender to boost the signals and off course you have to buy this. But here we have an easy way to boost the router signals. You don’t need to pay much for this even nothing. Just go in your kitchen and bring an aluminum foil paper, which is used to wrap food or as a baking sheet. Maybe, some of you know that this foil paper reflects light and heat. So, let’s see how it boosts Wi-Fi signals.

  • Cut a rectangular sheet of aluminum foil, which should be double in size of your antenna
  • Fold it from edges just to be able to stand
  • After that curve it and set it behind to your wireless antenna
  • Or if you have adjusted your antenna on wall then insert it behind that

This foil paper will reflect the wireless signals towards your device according to your preferred direction. To get better understanding of the process just watch videos below.

We hope you’ll experience this 100 % free solution and find fruitful results in form of substantial signal strength from your connection.

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  1. Thanks Rizwan, i realy like this…

  2. Some very interesting and insightful thoughts. I like this.


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