We have already reviewed on PTCL Broadband (DSL) service, now PTCL has launched a new 3G Wireless Broadband internet service in Pakistan with the name EVO Wireless Broadband, this service is based on world’s proven CDMA 2000 technology. Now you can enjoy up to 3000 kbps high speed internet at home, office or on the road, wherever you want. PTCL EVO offers this 3G Wireless broadband internet through USB and PCMCIA adapters directly to your laptop and desktop computers.

Right now PTCL EVO Wireless broadband internet service is available in the following cities Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Mirpur and you will not get broadband speed in other cities. By introducing the wireless broadband, PTCL is providing an opportunity for the people of Pakistan to experience advanced technology and became familiar with this type of services. In return company will earn huge amount of profit.

Who are users
1- Students/Workers who resides in hostels
2- Business executives
3- Field workers
4- Home Users
5- Users who have not access to PTCL land line

User will enjoy following benefits from this broad-band service like:
1- Speed upto 3000 Kbps (3.1 Mbps)
2- Free 20 Mb email account
3- Real time applications
4- Video conferencing
5- Unlimited data downloads
6- Download heavy files and email attachments
7- Get connected with offices and work places anytime
8- Secure connection for all wireless networks in Pakistan

Price Packages

PTCL is providing three different packages, which includes a package for those who are not PTCL land line phone. The details are as follows:

Package 1
For subscriber having landline
Option 1 USB Device 6000 Upfront
Option 2 PCMCIA Card 4000 Upfront
Monthly Service Charges * Rs 2000

*Monthly service charges will be payable through PTCL Landline Bill

Package 2
For subscriber NOT having landline
Option 1 USB Device 6000 Upfront
Option 2 PCMCIA Card 4000 Upfront
Monthly Service Charges * Rs 2000

*Monthly service charges will be payable at start of each month at PTCL One Stop Shops or Customer Service Centers

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151 Responses to “PTCL Wireless Broadband onthego | 3G Broadband Service in Pakistan”

  1. Hi!
    It is a fantastic offer from PTCL.

  2. Isn’t PTCL DSL land line better
    cheaper and fast

  3. @ Anonymous
    3G is something different and is wireless.. I’m not saying PTCL broadband isn’t good I myself using it.. But looking forward to get a ‘on the go’.

  4. I thought you were going to review it based on your experience with it. Are you going to try it out?

  5. its very very good

  6. Khan javed pathanpak
    April 3rd, 2009 at 11:38 pm

    Waitting and looking for a USB adapter for my desk top.
    Required urgently.Please response

  7. There is no smtp server facelity on ptcl evedo

  8. faysal shaikhpak
    April 12th, 2009 at 9:58 am

    i prchased ptcl evdo but ptcl smtp is not working …etc
    any one want to find smtp service vis ptcl wireless evdo
    please type in outlook and in more settings type your hotmail id and passward
    in advaced check on ssl
    faysal shaikh

  9. Salam,
    I m from Parachinar,, Here is no DSL line,,, But we have Vfone (V Ptcl Wireless connection), my connecting speed is 230 kb but speed is too slow, can i use ptcl wireless new opper here 1mb, 2mb, or 3mb. it is working in Parachinar,,,

    Shafaat Ali Bangash

  10. M Rizwan Zafarpak
    July 3rd, 2009 at 1:05 pm

    Salam, PTCL is offering a very nice and relible way to run with 21th century. I also want to join broad band services. How can I get them? Please reply me in detail.

  11. aoa i have been using ptcl wireless broadband internet . yeh fazool tareeen service hai n u cannot download any heavy file and neither you get good speed when ur gamming . when ever i want u use net i have to get on the roof of my house so i can get good speed whht as u know ptcl suck .

    i must recommend u dont buy this device bcoz once u buy it , you own it n its ur own loss of keeping a useless thing .

    go for wi-tribe

  12. Can some suggest me what is the SMTP for PTCL EvDO as I can not send my email with outlook,

    Much Obliged.

  13. when it will start working in swat

  14. Evo Wireless Broadband is currently available in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Mirpur at present.
    Dont have any News, when it will be available in Swat

  15. Free Dailup

    Username: PTCL
    Password: PTCL
    Ph Number: 13122334
    Enjoy Free PTCL Dailup

  16. Salam u alikum, PTCL is offering a very nice and relible way to run with 21th century. I also want to join broad band services. How can I get them? Please reply me in detail.when it will start working in Abbottabad

  17. Great!! it’s good that PTCL is also offering the services according to customer’s needs

  18. We hope soon, PTCL will introduce these services in other cities of Pakistan

  19. thanks to PTCL

  20. I hate PTCL Broadband. They don’t have good customer service.

  21. Dr A Samad Shaikhpak
    October 7th, 2009 at 12:55 pm

    its good but Monthly service charges should be reduced to 50% should be not more than 1000 per month.

  22. Pretty awesome!

  23. Dear Mr Samad,

    I.T and telecom sector is already cheaper. The main thing is after sales support, it has to be more efficent and reliable for the consumers. moreover PTCL is fastest I.T industry of pakistan and i hope definately they improve more.


  24. Muhammad Shahid Shafiqpak
    October 9th, 2009 at 1:35 am

    In the light of all above user’s comments, I should not purchase EVDO because its cost and monthly charges are too high as compare to others services like their own PTCL’s DSL service(Rs.800/p.m.) OR private local cable operators only charge Rs.500/p.m. with good satisfactorily service.

    On the other side I couldn’t understand that whats is PCMCIA Card in Option-2.

    Thanks with Regard

  25. PCMCIA is hardware for laptops, But now they are offering USB.

  26. When PTCL EVO will be available in other cities

  27. i purchase usb device but its not giving speed in garhi shahu and davis road lahore located in centre of city . the available speed is between 6kb to 50 kb . i am very diappointed with ptcl broadband , they said its availabe at full speed in whole lahore but its not true. i am paying charges without availing facility.

  28. when it will be available in Murree?

  29. is it available in bahawalpur..if not when will it be available

  30. Hello Mr User: ‘PTCL Wireless Broadband onthego | 3G Broadband Service in Pakistan

    I am living in Singapore and my family is in Adiyala Road, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. When i heard that PTCL has launched USB device just like we use in Singapore, i was very happy to see to Pakistan on its way towards the right direction.

    But after reading above comments, i am pretty disappointed which is normal for every Pakistani that customer service is horrible. But what was not expected was this kind of poor service even in Technology sector as we all know only literate people run technology sector. But in Pakistan its still the same just like other sectors, build every and disappear with no maintenance commitments.

    I guaranty you that if you place a good customer service then your sale will increase 500% of your current sale.

    Mustafa Ali Qizilbash

  31. Great PTCL

  32. try or

  33. its really good but i want to know about the prices and packages of the wifi router….

  34. salam!

    when this service start in rodu sultan

  35. It cost too much we want free package for students or just with holding tax. It is unaffordable for student try to think. You just want to make money try to serve little bit.

  36. ya buddy you have to just put 3500 pakistani rupees in your pocket for the wireless router or wifi router but wifi router is not the best choice because of the performance of the router, it’s very teasing,

  37. I am very very very disappointed with EvDO Performance and cost is to much.

  38. SALAM

  39. Salam,
    Has the 3G usb service of ptcl(evo wireless broadband) launched in Peshawar.Let me also know the procedure for official connection at my
    (Umar Zarin Khattak)

  40. evo this very poor evo broadband i am not agree

  41. this in very costly device service is not good i am using french Device 512kbps monthly charges 750 installation charges 1000 advance deposit 750 refundable i am setified this connection do u agree?

  42. When braodband service gona start in bahawalpur…..pz pz pzzz… it sooon…..

  43. i want to use it but i am a villeger

  44. ye bohat hi mehnga ha hamary bas ki bat nai ha
    agr PTCL waly zara sasta kar dain tu phr thk ha

  45. Karachi main Ptcl Broadband ki service hai magar main HUB CHOWKI main rehta ho jo Karachi k sath ho balouchistan ka sheher hai magar yahan ptcl evo ki service nahi hai plz aap mjhe bata sakte hain k HUB CHOWKI main PTCL EVO ki service kab start hogi plz plz plz

  46. ap nay 1week to service sahi di laki pura mahinay service sahi nahi rahi camplain pay nahi aae ap bill to ap sahi time pay datay hay per service nahi or speed bhi proper nahi day tay may wireless service lay raha ho qubee ho achi hay mara cason kay yaha bhi hay

  47. you service is not better your signal is drop i hate your service your traffic is jam 1week is very good service new network is very nice

  48. very nice, but the cost is beyond the students approach and that’s the problem.

  49. hello sir please send your current services detial
    thanks and regards
    Saeed Ansari


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