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While surfing computer, it’s always nice to look at the cool Desktop Wallpaper that you have as your background. Their cool look may refresh your tired mind and work as eye-candy in you tedious working hours. The set of 20 wallpapers that we have hunted for you comprises of Mac OS Concept. I hope everyone will get something interesting as his/her desktop wallpaper.

You can download all these wallpapers for Free.

Mac Vines

A Mac wallpaper with twisty vines by Ky Lim from Malaysia available in 1024×768 px Resolution.

Mac 04

Mac 04 is an abstract desktop wallpaper by Mohd Azmi from Malaysia. This wallpaper is available in 1200×900 px Resolution.

Mac Dragon

it includes Wallpapers in 1440×900 widescreen and 1600X1200 4:3 format.
You will find three Desktop wallpapers in each format.

  • Gloss
  • Pinstripes
  • Jet Black


This desktop wallpaper is made using an Apple in vector format in combination with design by ‘Alberto’. It’s available in 1280×1024 px Resolution.

Apple Paint Blue

An elegant piece of wallpaper by ‘ʇıdıpu’. It’s available in 1280×1024 px Resolution.

Apple Live

A cool piece of work presented as a desktop wallpaper by ‘Brian’. It’s available in widescreen sizes

  • 2600×1560
  • 1900×1200
  • 1440×900


M A C is an abstract desktop wallpaper by ‘Mohd Azmi’ from Malaysia. This wallpaper is available in 1920x1200px Resolution.

Apple Wallpaper

This sweet design by ‘Ashish’ comes in lots of colors for the lots of fans of apple. It’s available in 1280×1024 px Resolution.

Dripping Apple v2

V2 of my dripping apples. updated with iphone/ipod touch walls and a pro version. Revised the apple to try and get abit more flow. It’s available in various resolutions and variations.

Moonlit Apple Store

A cool wallpaper by ‘Pete’ available in 1920×1200 HD only.

Time Machine Panther

This beautiful night view Mac wallpaper for your desktop by ‘Holger’, from Germany, is available in two resolutions:

  • 1680x1050px
  • 2560x1600px

Blue Vs Black

This simple but elegant desktop wallpaper by ‘Delta Nine’ comes in 3 Versions; Blue, Black and Plain. The Plain version is a 2560X1600.

Sizes for the Blue and Black are:

  • 2560X1600
  • 1920X1200
  • 1680X1050
  • 1600X1200
  • 1440X900
  • 1280X1024
  • 1280X800
  • 1024X768

Apple Chromatic

This simple painting touched wallpaper by ‘World of Mickka’ comes in 3 variations and a resolution of 1920x120px.

Groovy Mac

Groovy Mac by ‘Brian’, who’s from USA, is available in two resolutions:

  • 1600 x 1200
  • 1920 x 1200

Colorful Dream

This amazing wallpaper pack by ‘Jakub Nowaczyk’ includes wallpapers in only 1920×1200 resolution, but in 4 color and design variations.

Apple colors wallpaper

This wallpaper is available in 11 Sizes

  • 800*600
  • 1024*768
  • 1152*864
  • 1280*768
  • 1280*800
  • 1280*960
  • 1280*1024
  • 1400*1050
  • 1600*1200
  • 1680*1050
  • 1920*1200

Apple Color

This LED concept wallpaper is available in 1024×768.

Apple Juice

This rustic, retro “Apple” Desktop wallpaper by ‘Vertigo Studio’ was inspired by everyday Tetra Pack Apple juice container.

Wallpaper available in:

  • 1680×1050
  • 1440×900
  • 1280×800

A p p l e J u i c e

You can invert colors of this wallpaper as per your desire.

Aqua Apples

I LOve Apples.

Hopefully you like these desktop wallpapers. Stay tunes for futures updates and upcoming stuff.

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