Using Veency, an iPhone app developed by Jay Freeman aka Saurik, iPhone users can remotely connects to their iPhone from a PC or a Mac through a VNC Client.

When you are connected to your iPhone through your PC or Mac using VNC Client, you can do almost all those things that you do when iPhone is in your hands.

Some of the tasks that you can perform on you iPhone using Veency are:

  • Execute applications on your iPhone
  • Texting, responding to email, etc
  • Arrange icons
  • Browsing Contacts and Photos
  • Lock/Unlock your iPhone.

With Veency users can charge their iPhone in one room and still can play with the iPhone from the PC. User can also see the incoming call. After installing Veency, restart is required. After restarting iPhone, using Wi-Fi user can connect iPhone to the server.

Most of the actions can be perform with mouse clicks except two finger gesture. Unfortunately, Veency is available for jailbroken iPhone only with Cydia installed.

How to Connect:

  • Open Cydia from jailbroken iPhone’s home screen.
  • Find the Veency and install it. (Veency runs in background so you would not find any Veency icon on iPhon’s home screen.)
  • If you are using Windows, install UltraVNC or TightVNC client to connect to your iPhone via PC. for Mac use Chicken VNC.
  • In order to establish connection you need your iPhone IP that can be found in Settings > Wi-Fi. Use this IP adress to connect to you iPhone using VNC Client
  • You will received “Remote Access Request” as shown below, on you iPhone that should be accepted to establish the remote access.

  • Retry in case you get any error
  • When the connection is established successfully, you will see your iPhone display on your PC.

Below is Veency in action.

via iphonehacks

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  1. Helppp Please ..

    is there any way to setup my iphone to accept the connection automatic , cause sometimes it disconnect and when i reconect i have to go to get my iphone and accept the connection .

    please send to me on : if you have a soluion Please


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