With the passage of time every company is trying to do more with less by introducing sophisticated tech. Everyone is trying to be green and Eco friendly. With the same intention, Asus Tech in collaboration with Intel, launched its greenest and cost efficient, smallest Desktop PC ‘Eee Box’ in India.

Asus Eee Box Desktop PC features Intel 1.6GHz Atom N270 processor, an Intal chipset, 1 GB FFR2 RAM and an 80GB HDD. It also supports WiFi and have a LAN card. Fast Boot Technology from the house of Asus enables the Asus Eee Box to go online in just 7 seconds. Asus Eee Box will run Windows XP Home Edition.

The company claims that Asus Eee Box is the quietest PC with sound emission of just 26 decibel (Decibel scale of common sounds) and consumes 90% less power than a regular PC. It’s slim and sleek just like a text book and place saving solution enable Eee Box be mounted on VESA LCD displays.

Asus Eee Box is being offered at a price of Rs.16,490 which doen’t include any monitor, Keyboard or a mouse.

9 Responses to “Asus Eee Box, the Smallest Desktop PC, now in India”

  1. i love the Asus Eee PC, it is very light, cheap and portable. I also bought another unit for my girlfriend and she really likes it.

  2. what i like about the Asus Eee PC is that it is very lightweight and very portable that you can just carry it anywhere.

  3. Asus Eee is perfect for ladies who does not want to carry a very heavy laptop. i like the Asus Eee because it is very compact and easy to carry anywhere.

  4. i bought an Asus Eee PC about a month ago and i am still amazed of its compact size and how lightweight it is. `

  5. I own an Asus Eee and an acer netbook but i often use the Asus Eee because it is so much lighter and easily fits in my small bag.

  6. i always use my Asus Eee PC when i am travelling. It is very convenient to carry on any place.

  7. I got an Asus Eee as a christmas gift. It is very compact but i wish that the LCD screen was larger.

  8. Asus Eee is not only portable, it is also one of the most affordable netbooks you can buy. Asus is also a good brand which means quality and reliabilty.

  9. my Asus Eee PC broke down a couple of months ago. I bought a new one which is still an Asus Eee, i love this netbook.


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