Communicating effectively is a valuable asset for many activities in your personal life. Talking about your career, your way of written and oral communication is the base of your job type, promotion and professional reputation.

A Valuable Job Requirement

In careers requiring mental rather than labor, the only key to progress is through effective communication of knowledge, ideas and proposals, to others who need or should receive them.

If we read job opening advertisements in different newspapers, strong communication skills would be a must in most jobs’ description. If we talk about different job titles, communication requirements might be as follows:


Job Title Communication Skills
Finance Associates Must be able to communicate clearly to clients and other finance professionals
Fiscal Officer Superior writing and presentation skills
Product Manager Develop and communicate product objectives and strategies
Senior Sales Representative Excellent communication and follow-up skills; ability to write proposals and quotations.
General knowledge of proposal preparation: Good Oral/Written communication skills.





In careers like internal/external customer relations, public relations, marketing, HR, sales, etc. Almost in all sort of fields, producers, editors, researchers and writers are always needed.

Communication is a major responsibility is many areas, including government and nonprofit organizations. In congressional and senatorial offices at state and national level, communication skills are a major plus as there works a number of people handling correspondence, preparing speeches, helping write Legislation, communicating with business. As we know Government is country’s biggest business, so needs a large no. of effective inter departmental communicators.
Even as an accounting professional, if you don’t know how to communicate your crafted reports to the targeted people then those reports would be a flop.

A Must for Promotion

Ability to communicate effectively is a prime requisite for promotion. Some people rate communication as one of the most important aspects of business leadership. Those who cannot communicate effectively either orally or in writing remains “buried” in lower, dead-end jobs. Top management’s 60 to 90 percent of working days consists of communication – Speaking, writing and listening.

It is confirmed from many surveys and articles over the past decades that for promotion and success in any business, effective communication is essential. Surveys conducted on top level executives have proved from their responses that Business Communication, Business letter and Report writing, and written & Oral expressions are the subjects most valued in their career growth.

Source: Effective Business Communications
by: Herta A. Murphy.

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