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Letter of intent shows your willingness to perform specific task. For example if you want to apply for admission In any university or a company’s willingness to another company to do business or you are applying for internship or a capitalist want to invest in any firm , letter of intent will be needed there. A letter of intent is most often shows the acknowledgment of one to other.

Letter of intent is not a contract between parties. It cannot be enforced by someone for acceptance. It is just a written document, which shows your objectives, intention and goals to carry out certain activities. To write a letter of intent, you can take help from a career advisor or any legal authority as well. You submit letter of intent with your application, reference letters, and transcript to potential the institute, where you want to work.

Letter of Intent does generally address the program coordinator not direct to the head of department or institute. For example when you are applying for admission at university, address program Coordinator through this letter. This letter is actually the assessment of your skills that how can be you fitted in that environment.

Letter of intent consists on:

  • Write about your field of interest.
  • Why you are interested in that field.
  • Why you want to join that institute or organization.
  • What you know about that institute where you are going to apply.
  • Mention your skills and working experience related to the field.
  • Include information about languages, you know and other skills
  • Also write that how you think that you will be useful for institute.
  • Write about your research area, or give a proposal for project.
  • Do not write many details in this letter.

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