Pakistan’s Entertainment TV channel: Geo TV. Watch Geo Entertainment TV live online for free. Geo TV is among most famous TV Entertainment channels in Pakistan. Some Geo Entertainment TV programs: Lakme Fashion Week, Ab Ghar Jane Do, Meri Adhoori Mohabbat, Food Evening with Rahat, Food Afternoon with Farah, Koi Hai Jo Hamain Hasaye, Nadia Khan Show, Aalim Online. Availability of Geo live online Entertainment is a great thing for broadband users and don’t have a media cable. Now you can watch Geo online LIVE! entertainment and can watch Nadia khan show, Aalim Online and other great entertainment programs at Geo Live online, directly from your PCs.

LIVE GEO Entertainment TV

Removed on Geo TV Request

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  1. hi i register my self 2 or3 days ago but i havent got my mail yet can you plz help me with that i would be v great full

  2. Are you talking about getting mail directly to your mail box?

    If so, Please have a look at the top right corner of the page. There you will find a box asking for email address in order to subscribe for new posts directly to your mail box.

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  3. it is a nice and courteous service.
    wish them more success

  4. nnnnnnnnnn

  5. im not able 2 watch it?????????????????????????????????????????

  6. hi its not working?

  7. May be server is too busy…

  8. this is a good web for us to watch geo tv live on the web becoz we live in china and we fully enjoying

  9. can u add geo supper channel plz

  10. i like geo tv vvv much

  11. yaar please geo super wi lao, cricket hi deekh liye

  12. usman rajpautpak
    June 19th, 2008 at 1:50 pm

    it is not working on proper time ????????

  13. why can not I see geo live i can see geo news and dwan news only please help

  14. hiya i can’t get Goe Entertainment either…..
    sum1 pllz help….
    can’t miss my dramaz u knw…:)

  15. i whan to watch my drama,s

  16. i cannot watch geo tv entertainment pls help me

  17. intresting but i unable to watch Geo entertainment

  18. hi its intresting but we unable to watch it

  19. I’ll say what a fantastic website but i unable to watch dawn news,geo entertainment,q tv,zee tv

  20. HELLO,


  21. Make sure you have properly installed required plugin. Please read the NOTE lines below player.

  22. Dear Rizwan Ashraf, how can I watch Geo Entertainment and Geo Super on my PC in Europe. Please tell me how to do.



  23. thanks for showing geo on the internet

  24. I want to view geo entertainment ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,thanks

  25. very nice,,,,,thanks

  26. i cant watch geo tv and geo news plzzz help me

  27. hi its very intresting but i couldnt watch geo entertainment pls help me thanks

  28. thanks a lot, please try for geo-super so that we can watch live cricket too. still thanks once again

  29. Please turn on Geo TV entertainment. Please let us know if you will be switching it on… So at least we will have answer

  30. Dears,
    shared link is down at the moment.
    When it’s up or we find a nice working one, we’ll sure share it..

    thanks for your patience.

  31. thanks a lot, please try for geo-super and Please let us know if it is on thanks

  32. AOA

    Rizwan sahib Geo entertainment is not running properly. Please update your site.

    Geo news is ok but geo entertainment is not working.


  33. Hi, although u r not showing Geo-tv on It is ok but think upon those who cant pay u so much for subscription. Everything is made for rich not for lessfortuned or there is not proper service to prescribe as we do, it is really pity not to see the capital talk and other interesting programs specially meri adhori mohabbat. I dont watch tv too much but my husband now at home, he is retired now and u people just quit this program at the same time what a pity but ——- please open it again. thank u. Regards from Gulnaz.

  34. Geo entertainment is not running………its useless site. other channels can be seen by so many other sites but geo entertainment is not available so how u r different from others………. i want to see Nadia Khan Show..


  35. Dear Sehar,

    We can differentiate from others but only if we charge some bucks. It’s a techno blog with a touch of some free links to channels not specialized for channels only.
    Currently we could not find another working link for this channel.
    So please hold on..
    Thanks for your patience and visit.

  36. i can nto se geo super pls help me

  37. Aoa
    plzz help me i can watch geo news, but im not able to watch geo entertainment why? from europe

  38. dear sir ,geo intertainment not open plz help me

  39. I think it’s working fine now..

  40. i like geo entertainment.

  41. thnk u soo much, it’s still a bit cracky, but at least its working 🙂

  42. the connection i sstill not very good, and the voice is kind of double :S

  43. Now Geo Entertainment at least its playing but very bad connection… hardly playing for some seconds… pls try to fix it out… want to watch GEO… Thanx 4 ur efforts anyways…

  44. The connection is very bad, plz could u try to fix it. and could u plz also start Aag TV

  45. kindly improve the website it dpesnot work properly but thanks for showing us geo tv for free!

  46. Dear Sadia,
    What sort of improvements you’re talking about? Please let us know.

    thanks for your interest.


  47. what are u all talkng about. if u have dsl then geo is wrkng prfctly.

  48. what are u all talkng about. if u have dsl then geo is wrkng prfctly. GEO U RCK

  49. sound is not cuming from geo entertainment. plz fix it.


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